Wireless Pagers Calling System Table Service Call Buzzers Beepers Caregiver Paging Alert for Restaurant Hotel Nursing Home 1 PC Wrist Watch Receiver + 10 PCS Waterproof Call Buttons

Product Features

  • LONG RANGE: the Signal Receiving Distance Between Wrist Pager and Button is up to 1000ft in Open Area. Practical distance depends.
  • LONG STANDBY TIME: Wrist Pager Standby Time Up to 14days. Only takes about 2 hours to full charge. Show time when it is stand-by.
  • EASY CARRY: It is also useful in nursing home. Both the wrist pager and the buttons are wearable and portable. Or Small Enough to put them in pocket.
  • SMART CAREGIVER ALERT: Vibration or Audible Prompt for choice. Wake Up the Night Shift Caregiver Only, And not wake up the others.
  • WIRELESS CALL BUTTON: It is Waterproof, ONLY ONE Big Key is Easy and simple for customers or patients to press. Buttons can Easily installed on each table for customers, or hanging neck for patients, elderly,disabled,etc.
Sale Price: $154.99
Price: $269.99
You Save: $115.00
(as of 11/05/2017 07:36 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Customers press the buttons settled on their tables, their table number will appear on the receiver with ringing, waiter then head for the table to take the order promptly and quickly.
Elderly hanging the portable buttons on their neck or just put it in the pocket to get emergency help promptly and quickly.
The Wireless Paging System which you receive has been paired. Just use it directly. You can also re-paired them if you need.

Where to installation
restaurants, bars, Internet cafes, teahouse, cafe,hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, banks, schools, factories, construction sites, hotel rooms and do on.


Wireless Wrist Pager
Show 4-digit number, supprot first number as letter
Can work with 200pcs call buttons maximum
Show different service type with calling number and show time when it’s stand-by
Can store 20 calls and can track the calls up and down
Three reminder way: voice prompts, vibrator, and both voice and vibrator
Receiving Distance: 1500 ft (400m) in open area
Rechargeable Battery
DC 3.6V, Frequency: 433MHz
Working current:<10mA
Wireless Call Button
Waterproof Call Button
With built-in antenna
Transmission distance:1000 ft (300m) in open area
Size: 2.36 * 0.78 inch ( 60x20mm)

1 * Wireless Wrist Pager
10 * Wireless Waterproof Call Buttons
1 * Power Adapter
10 * Straps (from 9th June,2017. Random Color)
1 * Bracket opener (to open the back cover)

Warranty: 3 years, EXCLUDING BATTERY.

If the wireless signal range becomes short, please replace the battery of call button.

1 pc Wrist Pager + 15 pcs portable call buttons, Plz search asin:B06XRTKD87.
1 pc Display Pager + 10 pcs portable call buttons, Plz search asin: B0193OAXD2.
1 pc Touch Design Display Pager + 10 pcs portable call buttons, Plz search asin: B06XSYW6M2.

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