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If you’re thinking about guarding your home with a surveillance system, you should have the understanding of the principles related to the Techie stuff. There are many home surveillance systems to choose from, so it is in your very best interest to learn whatever you can. Most aren’t hard to set up or keep an eye on (DIYs)– so long as you have the right guide to help you on the way.


The prevalence and dependability of video surveillance systems and cameras have increased considerably in the past decade. Numerous business and property owners have integrated video surveillance cameras to their security systems to ensure safety, and catch criminals in the act. Using a surveillance camera, homeowners can keep an eye on their homes more carefully and monitor individuals who come and go especially in the most common places that thieves and burglars would concentrate on.


Video Surveillance Systems

The Video Surveillance systems today are significantly increasing in popularity. Surveillance cameras come in every size and shape and the variety may have you racking your brains on which surveillance system will fit your needs and making a good choice could prove rather frustrating and downright stressful, but still, most cameras and systems nowadays require hardly any experience to set up and operate.


Today, with greater advancement in technology, video recording surveillance cams are much better than ever before and can be utilized with computer systems for more technical situations.With the several purposes of Surveillance cams, there is a need for different kinds of these surveillance cameras in order to perform certain purposes.


Outdoor Surveillance Cameras and Systems

An Outdoor Surveillance camera system has the ability to screen every event occurring outside the home. The occurrence of suspicious activity outside the house will be monitored properly. Results of observations considered by Outdoor Surveillance camera system will be saved in the recorder. The recorder can then be played back when it’s needed particularly if there is a suspicious occurrence.


The Outdoor Surveillance camera systems come in many models. You have the box type model, The zoom and tilt model, the bullet camera. However, the goal is the same to keep your home as well as your business safe. The availability of your camera on your premises is a deterrent against those who harm your home, to your business as well as your family even.


Based on your climate you should be sure to have an outdoor camera system that helps to protect your camera enclosure. Some camera systems suitable for extreme cool have heaters to keep the device carefully from freezing and catch break-ins. Some keep your camera from being  covered with dust or from being carried away by the wind itself. Consider an outdoor Surveillance camera system for a cost effective way to stay protected.


Home Surveillance

Surveillance camera safety home protection 

Wireless Surveillance Systems

Wireless video surveillance cameras are a few of the most frequent surveillance tools there may be both for home and small office buildings. They are simple enough to set up, will not require intricate wiring and the surveillance cameras can be changed in virtually any position or location since it isn’t wired.


Wireless/Cordless Video surveillance is becoming an important part of your Surveillance system. To avoid unwanted and sudden terrorist attacks, malls, railway stations, international airports and other general population and federal government places are under surveillance always.


Aside from the above, video surveillance is also common in industries to scrutinize elements of a process. The most frequent form of video surveillance is performed by making use of CCTV’s. These are being used for the surveillance of household security as well.


Recently, there’s been a change from the original analog established CCTV towards a far more digitized surveillance. IP cameras have revolutionized wireless surveillance by giving a networked Video taking and Surveillance. These IP-based cameras change from their traditional counterparts in being wireless as well as they are able to transfer/send and receive data through the internet. They may have encrypted radio technology and are therefore easy to set up and possible for distant Surveillance.


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How Home Video Surveillance Works

When they were first presented, Video Surveillance systems were used in combination with medium to large businesses mostly. These days, however, they’ve become increasingly more common in homes. Video recording Surveillance security systems are also called Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) and are being used to monitor certain specific areas around the house and help protect it from thieves and burglars.



When establishing the house video surveillance system, the cameras are located strategically around the outdoors of the home— in the most vulnerable areas. Surveillance cams should be set up in areas where they are impossible to see. The cameras are always working, sending the video transmissions to the monitors on a frequent basis.


The Monitor

This is an integral aspect of the Video Surveillance setup. The screen will supply the Video from the camera that defines the functional system. Monitors for Surveillance are generally black & white and also feature a higher resolution than that of a standard TV set. Monitors vary in proportion and resolution.



Home Video surveillance systems also use switchers which enable you to perform multiple cameras feeds to 1 monitor. Normally, a switcher will be the circuit through feeds unless it picks up motion occurring around a camera. Once the switcher detects any kind of movement, it’ll automatically secure to the camera that has detected the movement.


•Coaxial Wires

These are also an absolute must have for Video surveillance systems. The coaxial cables function in transferring the video signals from the camera to the monitor. The wires can be purchased in different sizes. They could be found at an electronics/gadgets store locally or online. Your house video surveillance system should come with coaxial cables, although you may want more independence on where you intend to mount the surveillance cameras up at.


There are a few Video monitoring systems that you can get for the home that make full use of VCRs. These functional systems use the VCR to track and record any live Video feeds that you program. This can come in convenient if you travel more frequent than often, as the VCR can capture a burglary as it happens.


In the event that you finish up going to trial or the authorities, the video can be utilized by you tape as evidence. VCRs can catch burglars in the act — particularly if you set the camera up to a location that’s hard to see.



By using the combo of the monitor and video cameras, Home video surveillance systems can certainly catch break-ins and burglaries. They are incredibly affordable these days and found in lots of homes throughout the United States. If you have been looking for the perfect way to safeguard your home, a Home Video Recording Surveillance system is something you should consider immediately.


Take some time to read this post again and we will be discussing in a later post about the different wireless surveillance systems as well as provide some reviews on some that we may be familiar with. Meanwhile, you can also check out our previous article on Spy Cameras  for home security


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  1. Hi Lois,
    Thank you for the vital information.

    Security is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we get our house constructed. Video Surveillance Systems are surely going to help us in this context.

    These days, however, people get electric gate motors installed with Video surveillance Systems. I think this gives them an added security. Even the ones who think the video systems are a bit costly, prefer an audio intercom system.

    Lois, do you think the audio intercom system would be also that effective as the video surveillance system?


    • Lois Lois says:

      Thank you Jordan for stopping by and making such an important comment. Indeed, both audio intercom systems and video surveillance systems have their pros. The difference between an audio intercom system and a video surveillance system is the fact that the video can record as well as photograph as well as record intruders. Whereas an audio intercom can only record without providing a photograph of intruders or potential intruders. An added benefit of a video surveillance system is its ability to view different angles, as well as the home exterior. In this day and age, I would advice my guests to go for a video surveillance system if they can afford one.
      Thanks again Jordan,

  2. Hey Lois, Such an amazing post and full of quality information.

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    Thanks for information. Cheers…!

    • Lois Lois says:

      You are so right Veronica!
      Indeed, home security is currently at the forefront of every homeowner’s dreams. We are not just worried about our family, but also our hard earned assets. Like you mentioned earlier, the use of surveillance systems has come to make life easier. Thank you so much for the comment Veronica.

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    Whether you’re experiencing problems related to theft, punctuality, or productivity, your security camera can provide you with the solutions. It empowers you and prevents your home and office from becoming easy targets.

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