Review SimpliSafe Wirеlеѕѕ Hоmе Sесuritу Sуѕtеm

SimpliSafe Wirеlеѕѕ Hоmе Sесuritу Sуѕtеm Command Bravo Review


  • DIY Home Security System
  • WiFi-enabled
  • 8-рiесе Pluѕ Pасkаgе
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Provides up to 5 separate pins as well as a duress pin that will provide you the opportunity to send silent signals to monitoring service in the advent of a break-in with burglar forcing you to disarm system. This automatically notifies the police. 
  • Monitoring stations-Ul-certified
  • Built-in cellular connection
  • System will alarm with or without the extra monthly service for monitoring
  • System can be upgraded by getting a siren and extra motion sensors
  • Service department available to respond to customer questions
  • Several users rated the SimpliSafe security system as a “Strong system with good value”.
  • Thе ѕуѕtеm is easily expandable. Yоu can аdd additional соmроnеntѕ whenever you wаnt unlike other companies that will increase the mоnthlу monitoring fее when уоu аdd more соmроnеntѕ



  • System is cellular and it also has a battery back up so a burglar can’t simply disable it by cutting off power line or phone line
  • SimpliSafe offers cellular monitoring which isn’t usually offered by other companies. This is available at a small monthly fee. You could also choose the monitoring just as a back up if landline fails
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Pet safe
  • Very sensitive-It triggers alarm with open windows
  • Battery back-up in case of power failure
  • SimpliSafe offers interactive monitoring  24/7 starting at about $14.99/month- less compared to competition
  • You are not locked into a monitoring contract should you choose to sign up for interactive monitoring. You can cancel anytime without any penalty whatsoever
  • You can complete your purchase online or via phone without dealing with salespeople knocking on your door.




  • For those using the mac computers, it may not be quite compatible with the latest mac software
  • It could sometimes trigger an alarm with pet around (per some customers)

Buy Now and Keep Your Family Safe!

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