Review Enklov Wireless WiFi/Landline Home Security Alarm System

Enklov Wireless Home Security Alarm System

N/B: If you are thinking about purchasing this system, You’ll need to have a wired  telephone at home in order to make a telephone call alarm. More so, the alert data must be pushed by means of an APP. Furthermore, WiFi connection available via cellphone for text notification.



Enklov Home Security System

Enklov Home Security Specifics:


1) Fundamental Control Hub:

  •  Function: Contacts all receptors and choose when and how to send your warning alerts.
  • Support Expansions: 64pcs sensors, 8pcs remote labels, worked in 3. 7V 800mAh move down battery – Monitoring Types: Dual Network, Phone Range and WIRELESS
  • Freq: 433MHz
  • Input: POWER 5V 1A
  • Siren: 80db


2)  PIR Motion Sensor:

  •  Function: Protect places at home that can’t be covered by contact access sensors, without opening entryway or windows.
  • Not Pet immune
  •  Installation Mode: Wall mounted by section
  • Operating volt quality: 4. 5V
  • Freq.: 433MHz
  • Transmitting Distance: least 100m, in open territory
  •  Coverage: 8M, 110degree field of view
  •  Installation Height: around portion installments on your 2m
  •  Battery: 3 AAA battery


3) Wireless Door/Window Access Sensor:

  • Easy monitoring of open doors and windows
  • Transmitting Distance: atleast 100m in open zone
  • Installation: <=15mm between 2 sections.


4)  Wireless Remote Control:

  • Turn off alert before you even go into the house
  • Working range of around 80meter
  •  Freq of Operation: 433MHz
  • Built-in battery:  150mAh


What’s in the package?

  •  Main Controller Hub x 1
  •  Wireless Door/Windows Contact Sensors x 5
  •  Remote Control x 2
  • PIR Motion Sensor x 2
  • by DC Power Adapter x 1
  • Phone line x 1
  • Adhesive Sticker and Bracket x
  • AAA Batteries x 6



Enklov Pros:


  • Landline/PSTN and Wi-Fi freindly
  • free IOS/Android smartphone App
  • WiFi bandwidth: 2.4Ghz
  • Phone line connection is backup when WiFi has issues
  • Alert to all added phone numbers when alarm is triggered via app push notification or phone call



  • 5 sets of wireless contact sensors for cabinets, windows, doors, and other entry ways
  • 2 sets of PIR  motion sensors to capture movements within 8 meters
  • Field of View Coverage: Day and Night, up to 110 degrees
  • You can mount on a corner or wall just in case intruder gets in without using doors or windows



  • Main controller hub connects with all sensors
  • Triggers loud siren to scare intruders
  • Backup battery support: up to 8 hours in the event of a power loss
  • Hub can tell owner which door/window/cabinet was opened-This helps in making better informed decisions



  • Simple and safe installation
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No tools required to setup
  • Supports expansion up to 64 pcs sensors and 8pcs remote tags



  • 1 full year and life time support
  • Customer service available to help with any questions regarding item


Enklov Cons:

  • Some customers say it may be a bit confusing to install
  • Some customers complain that customer service is not the best.


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