Monster Magnetic Waterproof Case – Best as Dry Box for Car GPS Tracking – Geocaching Containers Kit – Strong Magnet Mount Car Safe and Stash Box for Tracker or Hide A Key – Private Detective Equipment

Product Features

  • FUNCTIONAL! Dimensions: Exterior 3.5 x 2.2 x 1.6 inches; Interior 3.1 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches. Our standard sized design makes it perfect for use with the most popular portable GPS tracking devices, such as GL200, GL300, Prime and many more! Our magnetic case was designed with standard size devices in mind.
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS! You won't believe the strength of this neodymium magnet! The ultra-powerful neodymium magnet assembly is key to enjoying peace of mind knowing that the container will remain securely attached to any magnetic surface. For covert GPS monitoring, geocaching games, jewelry, or just stashing your goods, you need this accessory! It keeps the contents dry and secure.
  • ULTIMATELY RUGGED & UPGRADED! The sturdy and waterproof design protects your investment by providing a barrier against water and corrosion damage, giving you the ability to deploy it anywhere - even in the harshest of weather conditions. This upgraded version and design is a culmination of years of testing of tens of thousands of units. We know what works!
  • CRITICAL! Steel-reinforced magnet assembly ensures your peace of mind to deploy it without worry of the magnets coming detached from the body of the enclosure. Don't lose or damage your expensive property to a weak or underperforming magnets and sealant. Removable soft foam inserts help prevent vibration damage.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Our free Under-Vehicle Placement Guide allows you to feel confident that your tracker placement is optimal for GPS and cellular signal reception and preventing loss due to improper installation - just like a pro! Our guide details how to install and position the gps/case for optimum performance. Follow the link printed on the outside of the product packaging to download the guide - for FREE!
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Price: $24.95
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Product Description

The Monster Magnetics® MiniMagTM is a professional grade mini waterproof protective enclosure for anyone that needs a premium and top quality all-weather solution to protecting and magnetically mounting a hidden portable GPS tracker, keys, money, medications, jewelry, or any small item you need to keep safe, secure and dry. MiniMagTM is used in the field by countless investigative, law-enforcement, military and government agencies (as well as corporations and consumers) around the world.

The steel-reinforced neodymium rare earth magnet assembly is unbelievably strong! Neodymium (Ndfeb) is the most magnetic rare earth compound available commercially. The small, yet extremely powerful magnet contains enough Ndfeb material to pull 88 pounds (45kg), ample strength to hold the enclosure securely to any ferrous steel/iron surface.

That said, the problem we see in similar products is not only the magnet strength, but the quality of the enclosure itself – e.g. magnets breaking off, inadequate sealant, etc. Our magnets are steel-reinforced and marine-grade epoxy and silicone sealed inside the case and out, and will not break off – guaranteed.

But that’s not the only problem. Worse yet is something that seems simple, but that you’ve never really thought about until now. When you crawl under a vehicle to place it, where exactly do you put it?

If you fail to place it properly, you could be rendering it useless by blocking GPS and cellular signals, or, worse yet, placing it in a location where it can be easily lost or damaged. Well, you can relax, because we’ve got you covered! We teamed up with GPS experts to create our comprehensive (and illustrated) Under-Car Placement Guide. Just follow the link printed on the product packaging to download the guide – for FREE!

Allow us to clear the noise and help you make the right choice. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a Monster has your back. Order Now!

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