MobileHelp Solo – Mobile Medical Alert System for Seniors. On the Go Remotely Activated, Nationwide GPS, 1 Month of Extended Service Included

Product Features

  • Complete mobile life alert system in a box - 24/7 access to help in any situation, even when the device is charging!
  • No Term Contracts Required! Call to activate auto-renewing service plan starting at $27.95 per month, next 1 month included
  • Simple to use - one button press connects you to a U.S. based emergency operator that knows who you are and your medical history.
  • Patented GPS technology and nationwide coverage on one of nation's largest cellular networks (included with subscription). This life alert system is great for loved ones who are active but may need help with the push of a button
  • MobileHelp is a FDA registered medical device manufacturer which means the highest standards of quality. The best Medical Alert system for seniors available
Price: $74.97
(as of 06/26/2017 10:58 UTC - Details)

Product Description

MobileHelp SOLO system allows you to summon emergency help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by simply pressing your personal help button. Unlike traditional emergency response systems that only work inside your home, MobileHelp’s medical alert system extends help beyond the home. Now you can participate in all your favorite activities such as gardening, taking walks, shopping and traveling all with the peace of mind of having a personal medical alert system with you. With MobileHelp’s waterproof help button, you can even signal for help while in the shower, where most fall occurs. The SOLO system is powered by one of the nations largest cellular networks, so there is virtually no limit to your help buttons range. With the GPS feature activated, we can contact local emergency responders, even when you cant talk or tell us where you are. While traditional medical alert systems require a landline, with MobileHelp’s system, a landline is not necessary. Whether you are home or away from home, a simple press of your help button activates your system, providing U.S. based emergency operators with your information and location so they know who you are, where you are and your medical history in order to contact appropriate help right away.

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