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Burglary Crime Waves

Let’s open this discussion by defining what burglary is.

Burglary-illegal or unlawful entry into a residence without authorization or permission. This occurs usually by force though cutting a screen, or breaking a window or sometimes, through an already opened window or doorway. Sometimes, burglary occurs in a garage, or other structure on the premises.


Looking at the trends of burglary in the United States as per the statistics published by the U.S. Bureau of Justice, shows that during the year 2014, about 10.4 million households (approximately 8%) experienced a burglary of some sort (Langton & Truman, 2015). Burglary crimes may have decreased in recent years but the rates are still worrisome.


Take a quick look at the graph below that depicts the rates of various crimes that occur in areas where a higher educational institution is situated in the U.S. and what do you notice? If you see what I see, then you’ll concur that burglary is significantly higher compared to the others (sexual assault, murder, and vehicle theft).




Courtesy: By Rcragun (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Home Security Systems

Whenever the subject of home security springs to mind, people automatically think of thief alarms and mostly nothing else. Alarms can definitely be an incredible approach to ensure your home is protected, despite the fact that they are just a little part of what makes up a compelling home security framework. Thief alerts are a vital component to securing your home – in spite of the fact that there are different things you’ll need too.


Check your windows!

Trust it or not, your windows are really an important key to home security. Homes that have poorly built or fitted windows have a tendency to get broken into significantly more than homes with secure and solid windows. When you are managing your window fixtures, you ought to ensure that you have extremely resilient glass and bolts that fit on the windows.


Before you travel for your next vacation, you ought to ensure that your windows are bolted. Despite the fact that a few windows might be difficult to reach due to their position on the wall, endeavor to bolt them. Criminals bring home the bacon out of taking from others – and they will ordinarily discover a path if they locate a comfortable entrance to your abode.


Don’t forget your doors

Alongside the windows, doorways are additionally seen as a shortcoming of security around the home. Doorways ought to be thoroughly secured, with solid and durable door frames, complete with extreme bolts that are difficult to drive open. Just in case you carry an extra key around, you ought to be watchful where you abandon it. Losing your keys can likewise make you a target to burglars, particularly if you have an engravement on your key ring that uncovers your home location.


Don’t tarry, act now!

To better ensure their homes, a great number of people are taking steps to invest their resources into home surveillance systems. These systems are extraordinary for observing the home, as they can record videos, as well as store them for the homeowner to review at a later time. For those that travel a lot, a home surveillance system just might be the perfect approach to keep a good check on their homes while they’re away.


home security

 Dog guard

Need a guard dog?

Watch pooches (guard dogs) are seen commonly as a method of home security too. Remember seeing the signs “Wild Dogs, Don’t Trespass”? Written on a gate or on a sign post? Those act as deterrents to would-be burglars.


A gatekeeper pooch can shield your home from robbers, cheats, and all sorts of trouble. Our canines can be extremely helpful to have around, as most are more than equipped to fend off burglars with their bark. The main drawback to protect canines is the way that you’ll have to prepare them and guarantee that they generally have nourishment and water.


Burglar Alarms? What? Yeah-Alarms to scare off burglars!

Finally, let’s touch on burglar alarms. Alarms are fundamentally useful for frightening hoodlums off. Endeavor to put an alert in an unmistakable area from the outside of the home, to deter criminals. Despite the fact that criminal cautions are awesome for frightening away hoodlums –  you’ll still need all the different corners of your home protected and secure.


Mature Businessman Holding Smartphone For Disarming Security System Of Door

Wireless Security Systems

With crime on the ascent, home security frameworks are an unquestionable requirement have. With burglary turning out to be increasingly normal, you just should protect your friends and family in addition to your belongings. There are a few unique sorts of security frameworks available for you to look over. For your home, there are wired and remote security frameworks available for purchase. Each system has its points of interest and weaknesses, alongside the distinctions in cost too.


Home security systems

These systems can provide an effective hindrance to crime perpetrators. It’s one of the essential and successful approaches to dissuade hoodlums from breaking into your home. It is intended to protect you and your loved ones, your home, as well as your assets. It is currently at the bleeding edge of the quickly developing home mechanization development.


The Rutger’s Study

Home security systems have been shown to be successful at stopping thefts, as indicated by the Rutgers study. You can read more about the Rutger’s Study here. The driving innovation found with both wired and wireless security systems are entirely distinctive. Wireless security systems don’t have to be wired through the house; they rather send exchange messages to the control board through radio signs.


When they were initially presented, wireless security systems turned out to be problematic when contrasted with wired systems. As time passed by and more individuals took more interest in them, wireless systems started to take a better structure in terms of deterrent capabilities.


Home Security

CCTV Security Camera for Home Security & Surveillance

Wireless home security systems-no wires indeed

At the point when contrasted with wired systems, wireless security systems are a ton simpler and more advantageous to introduce because of the certainty of there being no wires. Wireless systems can spare you a considerable measure of cash, time, and exertion due to there being no tearing of the floors or dividers in your home.


Wireless systems then again are more costly than wired systems and you’ll have to supplant their batteries on an intermittent premise. The essential preferred standpoint to wireless security systems is the way that they are anything but difficult to migrate, implying that you can undoubtedly move them starting from one home then onto the next.


Wireless security system- components

These systems utilize the same elements as other security systems, for example, the touch pad, cameras, finders, control board, and alerts. Wireless systems depend on radio frequencies that are transmitted by the entryway contacts, windows, and movement-enacted sensors. The touch cushions that are situated at the passages to the home will give initiation and deactivation of the framework.


In case of the force falling flat or of a power failure, a reinforcement framework will assume control over the wireless framework and keep on providing security for your home. Control can be layered to permit classified users’ access to various zones. Camera has a dim vision mode, making it viable for use around evening time, when most violations occur.


Wireless Security-Utilization

To utilize a wireless framework, you simply have to include the code through the control board. Typically, this is done before entering and leaving your home. Once the code is entered into the control board, the control board will send remote signs to whatever is left of the framework that will initiate the cautions. Contingent upon the framework you have, an alert will go off either by movement recognition or a window or entryway being opened.


What security system to choose

If you decide to search for different options, you can locate fairly diverse wireless security systems, a large portion of which you can install all by yourself (DIY). Before you purchase a framework or systems however, you ought to seek the counsel of an expert who can study your home and recommend the gear you require. Despite the fact that it might cost more cash, it will be more than justified down the road.

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Langton, L. Truman, J. (2015). Crime Victimization, 2014.  Bureau of Justice Statistics. Retrieved, August 4, 2016 from:


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Advice from Home Security Mates -Take it Seriously!
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Advice from Home Security Mates -Take it Seriously!
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