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Home Security-Guard Dogs

Home Security Systems are incredibly useful, to be able to guard our valuable possessions. Each day the newspapers tell a story of burglary in a nearby neighborhood. Home security procedures if properly used, will minimize burglaries as well as robbery which takes place as a result of our ignorance and inadequacy of security.


Each and everyone in this world is in love with the house they live in. It might be either a rented or owned home. As most of us need to showcase a superior lifestyle, our homes tend to be packed full with valuable modern gadgets. Nowadays no-one can live without a television, computers, washers, refrigerator, cell phones, etc. All these electronic gizmos have almost become a right part of our life.


Home Security Systems

We care about our belongings and our loved ones whenever we are present inside our home. There is an opportunity for theft and burglary in our absence as well. In an effort to protect ourselves from this kind of attacks from burglars, or robbers, the Home Security Systems present a suitable solution for our home protection.


Guard Dogs

There are lots of burglary alarms and home security systems available, made to help you protect your home. Although they are good in their privileges, nothing comes even close to a guard dog. Guard dogs have been used for decades – to help people protect their homes and their things.


Fend off thieves

For quite some time, guard dogs have contributed to frighten off thieves and burglars. Although most have gotten used to dogs these days, nothing fends off a thief greater than a vicious dog grabbing his ankle and barking out loud. Virtually all Guard dogs have bites that can injure a burglar severely. Guard dogs are trained to Guard one’s home — and they’ll do so no matter the circumstances.


Dogs for security can be viewed as Guard Dogs or Watchdogs. A watchdog’s role is to merely alert the dog owner that someone is approaching or wanting to break-in to the house, whereas a guard dog’s role is, in addition to warning of any impending break-in, to Guard the dog owner with physical force, if required. A watchdog, therefore, does not need to be large, it only needs to bark loud. Thieves want a relatively easy in and out procedure, and whatever makes noise will make their activity of escaping undetected a lot more difficult.


Guard Dogs-Barking Capabilities

Some dogs are especially suitable to be watchdogs just because of their loud bark. They might not exactly have the physical prowess of their more husky brethren. However, they often replace having a smaller size with excellent hearing and loud barks. Good watchdog breeds include ones such as Cairn, West Highland, Yorkshire, Dachshund, Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Scottish dogs.


Guard Dogs and Safety

After you get a Guard dog, you should ensure that you make them know who’s safe to be around your home. You don’t want your dog to be vicious towards everyone, as relatives and buddies are permitted to be around your home certainly. Most guard dogs are left outdoors of the home, with some deciding to keep them indoors. In-house, dogs are excellent, as they’ll instantly notice/catch a burglar immediately he breaks into your home.

Guard Dogs

German Shepherd lying in front-Guard Dog


Guard dog-care

If you intend to keep your guard dog indoors, you should have a way to make water and food available, as he’ll be there when you are not. You’ll also need to provide a place to serve as a bathroom. A fenced-in yard is a perfect place for a guard dog to look outside, as he will come and go as he pleases. Most times, a burglar will attempt and sneak around the house — which is where a Guard dog with access to the outside of your home can be helpful.


Best breed of dogs for home security

Before purchasing the dog, you should carefully research the breed and where you intend to get your dog from really. Dogs that have been trained to provide protection or police dogs, tend to be very ideal, as they have been trained on how to protect things already. Dobermans and pit bull terriers are excellent for protection as well, because they’re well known to be very vicious.


Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers are massive possessions as it pertains to Guarding a home. They are incredibly powerful and loyal to their owners’ families and friends, making them excellent guard dogs. If they receive proper, rigid training and the right amount of attention of their owners, they stick out as one of the surest breeds for coverage.



Bullmastiffs are very strong, and that power with their protection instincts make sure they are a great option for protecting your home from burglars and thieves. These dauntless Dogs also harbor strong family loyalty, so they make great domestic pets also.



They can be active, alert and reliable. Boxers go along perfectly with children generally, so you need not worry about letting your kids near them. Their athleticism, cleverness, and energy make sure they are an excellent addition to any family. They are naturally equipped to Guard their home and those familiar with them.


German Shepherd

German shepherds quickly learn orders and don’t wait to do something when they notice a threat within their family or home. They aren’t specifically boisterous Dogs, so when everything is quiet inside your home, your German Shepherd will be peaceful as well. A German shepherd that’s used with a security system is one of the best protection strategies you may have to ever use.


Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are extremely fast, so they serve as an excellent guard dog for just about any big home. Doberman Pinschers are also loyal to their owners and display a high degree of alertness.



They are incredibly alert and cannot wait to bark when they notice something that’s not quite right. In the event that you feel concerned about allowing a bigger guard dog around your kids Pulis makes a great option for their small size and non-aggressive dynamics.


If you carefully do your research and get a guard dog from a trusted source, you wouldn’t have a lot of anything to stress about. You must never get your pet from a smaller known or poor source, as your dog may be inadequately trained or not in well-being. A guard dog can be considered a great addition to any home — offering you a dog in good health and more than competent to fend off burglars and attacks on your household.


If you do not have a dog and want to use an electronic watchdog barking intruder Alarm home security device, we have included a few here for you to check out. Take a look at the how it works on the you tube video below:

Watch Dog Barking Burglar Alarm Part 2


Angus Macdonald


Here are some popular electronic watchdog barking intruder home security devices:


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